Kobuk River Fishing

The Kobuk River, which is part of the Brooks Range river, has two main fishing seasons. In the early season during and just after the July, the lower Kobuk is flush with smaller fish. Later on from the middle of August to the middle of September, the upper part of the river can be fished for larger fish that average 15-25 pounds (although several fish in excess of 40 pounds each are landed each year). The Kobuk River is home various fish species including Arctic grayling, chum salmon, and northern pike, and the much-sought-after sheefish.

In the summer months, when the sun never sets, anglers head up to Northern Alaska. The 400-mile Kobuk River has ponds, lakes, streams, and a wide, clear, flowing river. Air charters can drop you off on a secluded gravel bar. Boats come in from Hotham Inlet when the winds allow.

An Alaskan fishing guide is the best way to explore the territory. They will make sure you have the right bait and lure and assist you in landing the active sheefish. July through September are spawning times for this fish. Use of weighted-tip lines, strong hooks, and large spoons are recommended.

There are several lodges to stay in for your fishing adventure. Access to these lodges is by floatplane. You can take a rafting trip with Class IV rapids or a helicopter ride to the best fishing spots. You can stay at the lodge or enjoy the wild on a camping/fishing expedition. There are five villages along the river accessible by air or boat.

Kobuk River Fish: