Innoko River Fishing

The fishing on the Innoko River is, in a word, stupendous. The river has abundant numbers of fish and many of them will strike a hook even in shallow water close to the shore. This river is well-known as a hot spot for all anglers, and whether you’re a spin-fishing fanatic or a diehard fly fisher, spending a week here will almost guarantee you a whole passel of fish. Fish species found in the Innoko River include Salmon (King, chum, pink, red and silver), Rainbow and Lake Trout, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden, Northern Pike, Sheefish.

Anglers fishing the Innoko River regularly catch fish that weigh 20 to 35 pounds and are more than 40 inches. This 500-mile river in the Yukon drainage area is one of the few breeding and feeding grounds for the Pike. They travel over 200 miles up and down this river throughout the year. There’s no rest for anglers, as some have been known to catch hundreds of fish in a short period of time.

In addition to Pike, Sheefish also makes their home in the Innoko River. They are easy to catch in the summer months as they travel in schools up the river. Sheefish caught are generally 8-12 inches long but can grow up to 40 pounds.

The main waterway has all the fish you can handle, but you might consider heading down one of the connected lakes, sloughs, or oxbows that make up the river system. Anglers enjoy fishing from skiffs or wading near the banks. A nice motorboat is necessary to cover distances to prime fishing spots. Tent camping along the banks is available, and there is plenty of space for privacy.

Innoko River Fish: