Indian Creek Fishing

Indian Creek is an easily-accessible fishing spot about 20 miles outside of Anchorage, Alaska. Here you can target species that include dolly Varden, coho salmon, and pink salmon. Anglers on Indian Creek can utilize any kind of technique, from baitcasting to trolling, spin fishing to fly fishing, and because it is so close to Anchorage it is well worth a visit.

Starting in mid-July, the salmon start to swim up the creek. There is a traffic jam of fish trying to make their way to the spawning grounds by August. These fish average 3-5 pounds and are 20 inches long. The males have a hump. Those who don’t care to fish can see the migration in action from flat banks gazing into clear waters.

Fishing is only allowed downstream from the Alaska Railroad bridge, and when the water is low, you can step onto the middle gravel bar to caste your line. It’s an excellent spot for kids just learning how to fish. Drifting artificial flies and roll casting upstream are proven techniques.

When you are not fishing or watching the salmon, there is a 13.3-mile bicycle trail, picnic area, baseball field, and hike under the bridge to view Turnagain Arm and bore tides.

Indian Creek Fish: