Denali Lake Fishing

Alaska’s Denali highway is one of the state’s best places to fish Arctic grayling. The highway runs east to west across the Denali National Park which lies between Fairbanks and Anchorage. The road is closed during the winter, but in summertime it is crossed by many clearwater streams that are highly fishable. Besides Arctic grayling, these streams are also home to salmon and other Arctic species.

An 8-10-foot-long rod that is 2-6 in weight, plus some dry flies, are all you need for fishing success. May to September is the best time to catch the beautiful grayling stocked in the river.

Days are long, so a drive from Anchorage or Fairbanks is not out of the question. If you drive down the highway, there are camping spots and fishing spots not far off the road. Check out the outlying streams and lakes as opposed to the main river.

It’s best to get off the beaten path where the glaciers are not flowing. An ATV is useful for more remote spots if you are looking for lake trout. If you can see fish, you are in a good spot.

The Denali Highway fishing spots are never crowded if you are looking for privacy, even during peak summer seasons. Charters can transport you to remote fly-fishing spots if you want to get WAY off the path.

If you are over 18 and live in Alaska, a fishing license is required for sustenance fishing. Outsiders can obtain a sports license for catch and release.

Denali Lake Fish: