Alaska Fishing Spots

Alaska offers some of the best freshwater and saltwater fishing in the world, as well as spectacular fly fishing and ice fishing opportunities. It’s home to millions fish-filled lakes, rivers and coastal waters. Popular sport fish species include King Salmon, Silver Salmon, halibut, Rainbow trout as well as large variety of finfish and shellfish. Popular fishing spots include Bristol Bay, Kenai River and the waters off Kodia Island.

Fishing in Alaska is a easy as pulling over along the side of the highway and casting your line, or as exciting as flying into a remote backcountry river and fishing among the grizzlies. There is a unique fishing experience for every angler, and an adventure for every thrill seeker. More than 627 species of fish inhabit Alaska’s 3 million freshwater lakes, 12,000 rivers and 20,000 streams—not to mention thousands of miles of saltwater fisheries. The biggest challenge in Alaska isn’t finding fish, it’s deciding where to go and watch to catch.

Having a productive Alaska fishing trip is all about making sure you arrive when the fish do. While most of Alaska’s fisheries produce year round, the best fishing occurs during the summer months from June through August. This is when most of the salmon runs occur and fishing is at it’s peak. Before coming at Alaska to fish, review the Alaska fishing seasons run timing tables to view peak fishing seasons by fish species and location.

Top fishing spots in Alaska