Pickwick Lake Fishing

Pickwick Lake provides beginning and experienced anglers alike a variety of excellent sportfishing areas. Recognized for trophy winning smallmouth bass, largemouth, spotted bass and catfish, the Wilson Dam tail water region is a top fishing destination. The discharge basin at Colbert Fossile Plant, due west of Sheffield city, discharges warm water attracting fish and fisherman year round. Large number of blue catfish and channel catfish are found in Pickwick Lake during the summer months.

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Try sauger or bass fishing in the winter months when the swift waters flow from the Wilson Dam. Challenge Alabama’s state record for a sauger set way back in 1972.

An Alabama fishing license is all that’s needed to explore 50 miles and 47,500 acres of Pickwick Lake waters that cover territory in three states. From one of the many boat ramps, motor or paddle out to your perfect fishing spot.

Challenge your fishing abilities in a variety of habitats. In addition to swift water, there are grassy flats, rock bluffs, gravel-covered points, aquatic weed margins, and deep humps.

Check out the “Shoals” section near the end of Seven-Mile Island for smallmouth bass. Wander off to the Bear Creek and Second Creek embayments for crappie angling. Head out on your boat to the riverine stretches for larger catches. Take a picnic lunch to McFarland Park and fish along the shore.

For those wanted to venture to Kentucky Lake or Wilson Lake, you can move through the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) locks. The process takes about 45 minutes and opens up a whole new fishing mecca.

Pickwick Lake fish:

Pickwick Lake boat ramps:

The following boat ramps provide access to Pickwick Lake.

Waterloo Riverside Boat Ramp
Waterloo, AL United States

Rose Trail Boat Ramp
9395 Riverton Rose Trail,
AL 35616, USA