Tandem Flounder Rig

The tandem rig is considered one of the best rigs for catching flounder. It’s also very easy to make. It’s action makes it superior to other rigs. While other rigs have a vertical presentation for the baits, the tandem rig stacks the baits on top on one another. Other rigs also have a weight underneath, which can make it hard to tell if you are getting a nibble. But with the tandem rig, the baits swim separately because you tie each jig to its own line. The lower jig is often heavier and will float behind the upper jig. This gives the appearance of schooling fish. Since this rig uses the weight of the jig instead of a heavier lead weight, it is easier to tell when you are get a bite.

Tandem Flounder Rig

To make the the tandem rig, you’ll need:

  • Two jigs – one should be a little heavier than the other
  • Three to four feet of 30 lb. monofilament or 20 lb. fluorocarbon
  • Any bait

You can make this simple rig ahead of time, or when you are fishing. To make this rig:

  • Tie a jig on each end
  • Tie a loop knot about 10-11 inches from the first jig
  • Use a swivel to hook the loop to your main line
  • Add your favorite bait to both jigs