Steelhead Bead Rig

When looking to catch steelhead trout, consider using the steelhead bead rig. The plastic bead used in this rig mimics a salmon egg, which are part of the steelhead’s normal diet. This is why this rig is especially appealing to these fish.

This steelhead bead rig works well in conditions where there is current because the movement of the water helps the bead rig float down the river. This is similar to how a salmon egg moves along as it travels downstream after spawning season.

Steelhead Bead Rig

When targeting steelhead, measure 1 to 2 inches above the hook on the leader line. This is where a 10 to 12 mm bead should be attached. The beads can be attached to the fishing line in any of the following ways.

  • Tie the bead to the line with a double loop knot
  • Insert a bead peg or toothpick into the hold in the bead
  • Stop the bead from sliding onto the hook by adding a bobber stop
  • Stop the bead from sliding onto the hook by adding a little glass bead

When fishing a bead rig, the most popular method is to use a slip bobber. Fixed bobbers will work well in shallow water. When fishing in waters with strong currents, use a drift rig with a pencil to help get the rig into the strike zone.