Spinner Rig

Spinner rigs are made of metal lures with metal blades. When you cast out the line, these blades spin around the lure’s body. Once it hits the water, the blades continue to spin, catching the light and making vibrations in the water that attract hungry fish.

Spinner Rig

There can be three different types of blades on spinners:

  • Willow Leaf: Because they are thin and long, these blades work best in grassy locations. They work well for attracting bass and spin very quickly.
  • Colorado: These slow, big blades work best in cool, muddy water.
  • Indiana: This blade lies somewhere between the thickness and speed of the willow and Colorado blades. It is considered a middle-of-the-road blade.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a spinning lure. First, you’ll want it to stand out against the surroundings in which you’ll be fishing. You’ll also want to consider the color of the bottom of your trailer or boat and choose a lure in a contrasting color. Look for something light-colored if you are fishing in clear water. If the water has low visibility, pick a brightly colored lure.

Spinner rigs work great for big game fish, such as walleye, pike, bream, trout, and salmon and they can be used with many different methods of fishing. When targeting muskie or pike, choose a spinner rig made of wire so the fish can’t bite the lure off. Also known as crawler harnesses, spinner rigs are a great option when you’re trolling for many different types of fish, especially panfish and walleye.