Pulley Rig Copy

If you are fishing in an area with a rough bottom, a pulley rig may be your best option. This rig helps to keep the fish on the line while maneuvering through rough terrain. The fish’s weight helps add downward pressure to the rig, causing the lead weight to slide upward keeping the rig from snagging on the bottom. The pulley rig also works well for casting long distances because it holds the bait down making the rig more aerodynamic. Choose the pulley rig when you are looking to target big fish that you’ll need to cast long distances to catch – especially when you’ll be reeling them in over rough terrain.

Pulley Rig

To make this rig, start with a 20-inch main line, then tie a swivel on one end. Next, attach another swivel and a bead, but let them dangle loosely. Finally, add a hook on one side and another swivel and weight clip on the opposite side.