Pompano Rig

The Pompano rig, also known as a “set rig”, is used almost exclusively for surf fishing. Many anglers use this rig when fishing in channels, on piers and along the beach. The Pompano Rig features a bright yellow float and a bright bead. The float keeps your bait off of the bottom, while the bead mimics sand flea eggs, which helps attract pompano.

Pompano Rig

The most effective pompano rig is made up of two or three hooks, beads, floats, and sinkers that you connect with fishing line. The best types of line to use with the pompano rig are monofilament or fluorocarbon. The rig also requires a one- to four-ounce sinker. For the Pompano rig, you want your bait to stay as close to the bottom as possible.

The pompano rig is designed to catch pompano but can also be used to catch a variety of surf going fish such as whiting, black drum, and sharks.

Pompano Rig Setup and Materials

The following are the materials required to make a basic pompano rig for surf fishing.

Fishing lineMonofilament or flourocarbon 20-60 lb test line. Use the heavier test when fishing larger fish species.
Barrel swivel#2 barrel swivel to connect rig to main line
Snap swivel#2 snap swivel to attach weight to main line
FloatsTwo 3/4 inch floats to keep the hooks off the bottom and improve rig appeal
Beads8-12mm plastic beads. Any color will work, but orange are preferred as they mimic the eggs on the bottom of a sand flea (a popular pompano bait.)
HooksTwo size 1/0 to 3/0 circle or kahle hooks. Either will work.
Sinker2-4 oz. pyramid, storm, or tongue sinker. Use a heavier sinker when there is current or fishing deeper surf.

Steps to Tie a Pompano Rig

The following are 11 easy steps for creating a pompano rig for surf fishing.

Step 1 – Start with 4′-5′ feet of fishing line to make sure have enough length to create your rig.

Step 2 – Tie the snap swivel to one end of the main line using a clinch knot or palomar knot.

Step 3 – Attach the sinker to the line using the snap swivel

Step 4 – Tie a 4-5″ long dropper loop to the line about 10 inches above the sinker.

Step 5 – Tie a second dropper loop about 10 inches above the first loop.

Step 6 – A third dropper loop can be attached about 10 inches above the second dropper loop but is optional. A standard pompano rig has only two dropper loops.

Step 7 – Slide a float over the first dropper loop.

Step 8 – Slide a bead over the first dropper loop.

Step 9 – Connect a hook to the dropper loop using a palomar or quick switch knot.

Step 10 – Repeat steps 7-9 with the other dropper loops.

Step 11 – Tie the barrel swivel to the top of the rig and attach to the main line.

Note: Additional beads may be added to the main line of the rig during the process to create a more attractive presentation.

Best Baits and Lures to Use with a Pompano Rig

The best baits to use with a pompano rig for surf fishing are clam strips, sand fleas, and small bits of shrimp or fish.

The pompano rig can also be fished with banana jigs (pink or orange) and pompano feather jigs (with or pink).