Lindy Rig

The Lindy rig is a bottom fishing rig used by millions anglers and is one of the most effective rigs for fishing walleye. To make the Lindy rig, you’ll need a sliding sinker, snap swivel, and a snelled hook attached to a leader. While this rig is predominantly used for catching walleye, it will also work for other bottom-feeding fish like trout, catfish, and bass.

Lindy Rig

Here’s what you need to make the Lindy rig:

  • Leader made of fluorocarbon (4-6 lb.)
  • Main line made of test braid or monofilament (10-15 lb.)
  • Sliding sinker (1/8-1 oz.)
  • Snap swivel (size 4-6)
  • Octopus hook (size 2-6)

To make the Lindy rig, first thread the main line through the sliding sinker. Next, tie the main line to the snap swivel. Now, take leader line and snell a 4 to 6 hook onto it. Measure 2-5 feet down the length of the leader and tie a loop at the end. To complete the rig, clip the loop of the leader onto a snap swivel.

A 6- to 7-foot long spinning rod works best for fishing the Lindy rig. Choose a rod that is light to medium weight and has fast action. It is generally recommended to use a size 2000 to 3000 spinning reel.