In Line Snapper Rig

The in-line snapper rig is a great fishing rig to use for fish that are wary of bait. This rig also works well when you are fishing up current from structures. When creating this rig, you’ll want a leader that is approximately 15 feet, though it can be up to 25 feet, if needed.

In-line Snapper Rig

Because this rig uses such a long leader, it allows your bait to float freely or swim around the waves and currents as a normal fish would. For this rig, you’ll have an in-line sinker, which will sit on the bottom. Your long leader will then allow your bait to float around 15 to 25 feet away from the sinker. This rig is designed for fish that are more suspicious of bait because its design allows the fish take a nibble without feeling any resistance.

As the name suggests, many anglers use this rig to catch snapper. Generally, when making this rig, you should opt for a 50-pound fluorocarbon, strong 8/0 hook, and a sinker that is up to 16 ounces.