Hopper Dropper Rig

Anglers looking for a great rig to try in tailwaters and freestones should consider using a hopper dropper fly rig. The hopper dropper fly rig works great during the summer months when fish tend to feed under the surface. It is especially effective for targeting trout that aren’t coming to the water’s surface to feed. With this rig, the bait will be presented just below the surface to get the attention of the feeding fish.

Hopper Dropper Fly Rig

The advantage of this rig is the ability to present a nymph and a dry fly at the same time. The nymph will sit below the surface, tempting the trout, while the dry fly floats on top of the water.

Anglers should adjust the depth, tippet size, and fly choice depending on the water conditions and bring several different options to allow for adjustments.