Fly Fishing Rigs

Fly fishing is unquestionably one of the most popular angling methods employed by seasoned anglers and fishing enthusiasts. While fly fishing is in essence a casting technique, it is very different from other forms of casting. Fly fishing employs a light-weight lure—known as a fly—and fishing line that is cast using a specialized fly rod and reel.

Fly fishing is best known for catching trout but is also a popular method of catching bass, salmon, redfish, tarpon and other freshwater and saltwater game fish species. Techniques for fly fishing vary with habitat (rivers, ponds, lakes, bays, estuaries, and ocean) and target fish, as do specialized fly fishing baits and rigs.

Fly fishing is an effective fishing technique, but choice of bait and rig setup also impact catch rate and overall fishing success. Casting a fly using a fly rod gets the bait in front of the fish, but the bait choice and presentation get the fish to bite. The are several specialized fly fishing rigs used in combination with specific fly fishing techniques to target specific fish species.

Below are the top fly fishing rigs we recommend along with the fly fishing techniques used to target popular game fish species.

Double Dry Fly Rig

Double Dry Fly Rig

Presents an emerger and a dun fly on one line. Most effective during a hatch

Dry Fly Dropper Rig

Dry Fly Dropper Rig

Effective for targeting trout in small streams and creeks as well as larger rivers

Multi Fly Rigs

Multi Nymph Rigs

Best for water which has uniform currents. Not ideal for non-uniform currents

Czech Nymphing Rig

Czech Nymphing Rig

Set up with 2 or 3 flies at different larval stages to target trout feeding underwater

Euro Nymphing Rig

Euro Nymph Rig

Designed to cast your fly to a designated target and then fish along the bottom

Fly Fishing Split Shot Rigs

Fly Fishing Split Shot Rig

Uses split shot to add weight to the rig so it will sink into the strike zone faster

Hopper Dropper Fly

Hopper Dropper Rig

Employs a dry fly hopper and nymph to target trout feeding under the surface