Fireball Rig for Surf Fishing

The fireball rig is a simple, classic bottom fishing rig used for surf fishing. It is primarily used for targeting bluefish, hence, some anglers refer to it as the bluefish rig. Some anglers will also use this rig to fish catfish.

This rig is made up of 2 dropper lines, a rig body (shocker line), and a breakaway sinker. The two dropper lines extend out horizontally 12 inches from the rig body, and the sinker is attached at the tag end of rig body.

Fireball Rig

What makes the fireball rig unique are the floats threaded just above the hooks on the leader lines. The floats are designed to keep bait up off the bottom where crabs, crustaceans, and small fish may snag it.

The fireball rig is quite similar in design and function to other dropper loop rigs such as the Paternoster and Flapper.

Required materials
  • 3-4 feet of 50-60 lb test monofilament or fluorcarbon line
  • 12″ 6-20 lb dropper line (2)
  • Crimps (2)
  • Floats (2) – any type will work
  • Snap swivel
  • Breakaway sinker (2-4 oz)
How to tie the Fireball Rig

To create this rig, start with a 3-4 foot 50-60 lb mono or fluoro line. Thread floats to the dropper lines and crimp them in place ust above each hook. Add the two 12″ dropper lines the rig body using a dropper loop. Attach the rig to the main line using a size 5 or 6 barrel swivel. Finally, connect the breakaway sinker to the tag end of the rig body using a surgeon loop knot and snap swivel. It’s that easy!