Euro Nymph Rig

Euro nymphing is a technique often used by those in Slovakia, the Czeck Republic, Poland, and France. This technique is more intimate than traditional fly casting. It uses a weighted nymph to get the cast out to the target location on the river. The flies should be fished on the bottom once the fly hits the target spot.

Euro Nymphing Rig

This method requires the angler to be in close quarters and to hold the rod high. The fly line will hardly ever be fished past the rod guides. The monofilament leader is the only thing that should be fished.

Many people find that the cast can be difficult to get right. The angler will have to change the way they normally fish due to the lack of fly line. The best technique is to overpower the normal casting stroke and use more wrist action. Anglers should try flicking their wrist slightly during the back cast. This improves the speed of the cast and is the best way to load the rod when using only light flies and a leader.

Once the line has been cast, the sighter will need to be kept off the water by holding the rod high. The rod tip and sighter will help lead the flies downstream. The flies should move just far enough to match the drift. This technique isn’t so much about leading the flies as it is about keeping up with them. It is possible to check if the speed is correct by looking to see if the sighter has a slight downstream sag.