Double Drop Bottom Rig

The double-drop bottom rig is a simple rig used for saltwater fishing. Also known as the two-hook bottom rig, you can catch a large variety of fish using the double-drop bottom rig. With this rig, you can catch several different fish, including groupers and pan fish.

Doube Drop Bottom Rig

You can go to the store and buy the double-drop bottom rig premade, but because it’s easy to make, you might want to skip the trip. When you are targeting smaller fish, start with a 30- to 50-pound filament line that is roughly the length of your arm. Then tie 2- to 3- dropper loops on the line. You’ll want to leave 3 to 4 inches between each loop. Next, grab a sinker, which you’ll attach to the bottom loop. Then, tie a hook to the two loops in the middle. Finish it off with a line that runs from the top loop to your fishing reel.

If you are targeting larger fish, you’ll want to start with a test leader that is in the 50- to 100-pound test range. You’ll also need 2 three-way swivels, a normal swivel, and a snap swivel. Start by taking a 6- to 8-inch section of the leader and placing it between one of the three-way swivels and the snap swivel. You’ll then need to attach an 8- to 10-inch section of leader to the second eye of the second three-way swivel. Next, attach the normal swivel. For any three-way eyes that remain, attach a small section of leader with a hook on the end.