Bobber Doggin Rig

Steelhead anglers often opt for the bobber doggin’ rig when they are fishing in waters with strong currents and want to maximize their catch.

Bobber Doggin Rig

The bobber doggin’ rig acts very similar to using a float while drift fishing. For this rig, the sinker should tap on the bottom similar to the movement that occurs during drift fishing. This is different than traditional bobber fishing what suspends the bait in the water column.

Key features of a bobber doggin’ rig:

  • Deters snags due to the angle of the line coming off the float
  • Helps cover water that is uncoverable with a bobber
  • Provides a built-in detector to alert anglers when fish are biting

Usually, it can be hard to tell the movement of the sinker from an actual bite when drift fishing. However, when using a bobber doggin’ rig, when the float goes down, there’s a good chance a fish is biting.