Belmar Tautog Rig

The single-hook Belmar rig is the most popular tautog rig to use when fishing for blackfish.

Tog Belmar Rig

To make this rig, anglers will need a mono or fluoro leader that is from 2 to 3 feet long. This rig requires a 40lb leader and a 4 to 6 oz sinker should be attached to the end. A dropper loop with an octopus style hook or 3/0 bait holder should be tied about 3 to 6 inches up from the sinker.

The mono or fluoro leader on this rig helps it resist abrasion, making it ideal to use when fishing in rocky areas where togs often live.

Use an Albright knot to tie the leader to the main line. Alternatively, a barrel swivel will also work. Anglers should use limited attachments when fishing for blackfish from the shore. This helps limit tangles when fishing in rocky seabeds that have mussels and barnacles attached.