Uni Knot

The Uni Knot is also known as the Duncan Knot, after its inventor Norman Duncan, and as the Grinner Knot. It looks very similar to a Hangman’s Noose but has a totally different internal structure. It can be used to join two lines together, in which case it is called a Double Grinner or Double Uni Knot.

This knot is effective with braided and mono lines, and with enough practice it can even be tied in the dark. Recent testing has backed up claims by Uni Knot advocates that it holds much of the line’s strength, up to 82%. This is most likely to be true when it is used with a large diameter eye, but when it is used to join two lines, the breaking strain will be closer to 75%. Learn how to tie the Uni Knot following the 7 steps below.

Uni knot step 1

Step 1: Thread the end of the line through the eye of the hook and double back parallel to the standing part of the line.

Uni knot step 2

Step 2: Form a loop by running the tag end up over the standing line.

Uni knot step 3

Step 3: Wrap the tag end behind the standing line and back through the loop.

Uni knot step 4

Step 4: Wrap the tag end up around the standing line and through the loop five more times.

Uni knot step 4

Uni knot step 5

Step 5: Lubricate and tighten the knot. Snug up the turns so they lay neatly next to one another.

Uni knot step 6

Step 6: Slide the knot down the standing line toward the eye of the look leaving a small loop (if desired).

Uni knot step 7

Step 7: Trim the tag end.