Blood Knot

The Blood Knot is a favorite knot for fly fisherman. It is primarily used to join two lines of similar size, e.g., when joining sections of leader or tippet, and is one of the best knots for this purpose. The strength of the knot is increased by making at least 5 and up to 7 wraps on each side of the knot. It works best with lines of approximately equal diameter. Learn how to tie the Blood Knot following the 10 steps below.

Blood knot step 1

Step 1: Move the upper line down over the lower line to overlap the two lines to being joined.

Blood knot step 2

Step 2: Wrap the tag end of the upper line around the standing part of the lower line.

Blood knot step 3

Step 3: Continue to wrap the upper line around the other line.

Blood knot step 4

Step 4: Wrap the upper line around the other line about six times.

Blood knot step 5

Step 5: Tuck the tag end back between the two line.

Blood knot step 6

Step 6: Repeat the process with the other line. Wrap the lower line around the upper line in the opposite direction.

Blood knot step 7

Step 7: Continue to wrap the line around about six times.

Blood knot step 8

Step 8: Tuck the end back in the opposite direction between the two lines.

Blood knot step 9

Step 9: Tighten the lines.

Blood knot step 10

Step 10: Trim the tag end of the lines.