Baja Fishing Knot

The Baja Knot is in fact a Perfection Loop with a tied-in hook. The Perfection Loop—often used to make a loop at the end of a line for a loop-to-loop knot—is simple to learn and to tie, and a hook is easily incorporated. The Baja Knot performs well even in heavy mono line and with leaders up to one hundred pounds.

The best way to set the hook in to the knot when using heavy mono is to complete the knot, then embed the point on a cleat or even the side of the boat. Pull hard on the standing line—this will secure the hook to the Baja with a non-slip knot. This way, the hook will move freely and naturally when loaded with streamer flies, live bait, or swimming lures. Learn how to tie the Baja Fishing Knot following the 4 easy steps below.

Baja knot step 1

Step 1: Form a loop several inches from the end of the line. This loop will be the largest of 3 loops you’ll be creating. Slide your hook onto the loop and let it hang freely as you tie the remaining knots. Run the tag end of the line across the front of the first loop and behind the standing line to form the second loop.

Baja knot step 2

Step 2: Pinch and secure the base where the two loops cross between thumb and forefinger. Pull the free tag end until the newly formed second loop is considerably smaller than the first loop.

Baja knot step 3

Step 3: Run the tag end of the line across the front of the first loop, around the second loop and down behind the standing line to form a third medium size middle loop. Pass the hook over the middle loop and under the top loop. Draw the knot semi tight.

Baja knot step 4

Step 4: Secure the hook with pliers and pull the standing line to tighten into a mono knot. This knot will not slip or come undone.