Albright Knot

The Albright Knot is a dependable and time-trusted knot that joins lines made of different materials, like braided line to wire or monofilament to braid, as well as lines with of different diameters. Some fly fishermen will even cut off a welded loop from their line in order to use an Albright Knot to anchor their fly line to the leader.

This knot is also widely used by fly fishermen to attach dacron backing to a fly line, since it glides easily through the fly pole guides when the line is drawn out by a fish. You can also paint the knot with rubber cement for an even stronger attachment and smoother glide.

Make the first loop in the longer line—this is what you will wind all the other loops of this knot around. Try holding each loop down with your fingertips as you wind them on.

This easy-to-tie and super-reliable knot is an essential addition to every angler’s library of techniques. Learn how to tie the Albright Knot following the 13 steps below.

Albright Knot Step1

Step 1: Lay the two lines parallel to one another.

Albright Knot Step2

Step 2: Cross one line over the other. If of unequal size, place the thinner line on top.

Albright Knot Step3

Step 3: Form a loop in one line. (If of unequal size, form a loop in the thicker of the two.)

Albright Knot Step4

Step 4: Pass the end of the thinner (green) line through the loop.

Albright Knot Step5

Step 5: Wrap the thinner line over and behind the loop.

Albright Knot Step6

Step 6: Then wrap it back under the loop.

Step 7: Wrap the thinner line up over the loop and around itself.

Albright Knot Step8

Step 8: Wrap the thinner (green) line around the loop and itself again.

Albright Knot Step9

Step 9: Continue to wrap the thinner line neatly around itself and the loop 10 times.

Albright Knot Step10

Step 10: Pass end of the thinner line back through the loop next to itself.

Albright Knot Step11

Step 11: Lubricate the lines.

Albright Knot Step12

Step 12: Pull the knot tight.

Albright Knot Step13

Step 13: Trim the ends.