Yellowstone River Outfitters

There’s nothing more soothing for the soul, mind and spirit—yet engaging—as fly fishing the wild trout streams of the upper Northwest. And within the upper Northwest, there’s no better fishery than the pristine trout streams of the greater Yellowstone basin. This area provides a diversity of river systems and meandering streams teaming with rainbow, brown, brook and cutthroat trout.

guided float fishing on the yellowstone river

Whether you’re a seasoned angler visiting the area for the first time, a newebie wanting to try your hand at fly fishing, or a young family looking for a fun activity for the kids, there’s no better way to experience Yellowstone than with a guided fly-fishing adventure provided by Yellowstone River Outfitters.

angler fly fishing the yellowstone river

Yellowstone River Outfitters is a small guiding service located in Livingston, Montana that provides guided fly-fishing trips, exceptional service, and a bigger than life outdoor experience you’ll remember for years to come. Their goal is help you learn about Yellowstone from the lens of a fly fisherman, put a smile on your face, and catch some beautiful trout and scenery in the process.

Yellowstone River Outfitters provides four types of guided fishing adventures: float, walk-wade, family, and ride to fish.

yellowstone river outfitters float fishing trip

Fishing from a drift boat or raft is hands down the best way to fish Yellowstone’s larger river. A typical full-day float trip is 10-15 miles and covers a lot of prime trout territory. Float trips not only offer a great fishing experience, they allow you to view birds, deer, elk, moose and other native wild life. A float introduces you to some great fishing while allowing you to take in Yellowstone’s natural beauty in a way few people ever experience.

A typical drift boat will hold 3 passengers, with the guide in the middle rowing and a guest on either end fishing. For larger groups, a multi-boat trip can be set up where another guide and party will fish the same section of river a distance behind the first boat.

Yellowstone River is the primary float river—with a focus on the “Upper River” stretch from Gardiner through Emigrant. Floats can also be requested for the Madison, Bighorn, Boulder, and Missouri rivers.

two anglers wade fly fishing yellowstone river

Walk-wade fly fishing opportunities abound in the Greater Yellowstone area. Walk-wading is a fun way to do some trout fishing that allows you to relax, unwind and take some time to target specific riffles, runs, or find the perfect fish spot.

There are walk-wade spots within a short distance from the road as well as walk-wading spots that require a bit of hike. If you’re willing to hike, your guide can take to you a few “secret spots” only they know about. Yellowstone National Park offers the greatest access to the best wade-fishing spots in all the Northwest.

fly fishing float trip with a family down yellowstone river

Fly fishing offers families a unique opportunity to connect with nature, and with each other. Fly fishing with kids can be a bit challenging at first, but it will turn a family trip to Yellowstone into an unforgettable experience.

Both float and walk-wade trips are available for families. Guides will teach kids (and their parents too) the ins and outs of fly fishing, including how to rig a rod, select and tie a fly, cast a fly line, and hookset. For larger families, with parents who also require instruction, hiring a second guide is recommended.

female angler holding brown trout

Last, but by no means least, are “Ride to fish” guided fishing trips. These excursions are fun for the family and ideal for the avid angler who wants to access those seldom visited fishing holes just a bit off the beaten path.

The ride to fish trip is a full day adventure in some of Montana’s most beautiful and pristine backcountry. It includes a half day of riding and half day of fly fishing. Each trip includes a fishing guide and wilderness guide.

fly fishing guide assisting angler on river

Full-day fishing trips are fully catered and include fly rods, flies, tippet and tackle. If you prefer using your own equipement, bring it along. You’ll also want to bring any necessary fishing permits, waders/boots if you plan on wade fishing, a park entrance pass, and the appropriate clothing for the area and weather.

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